Fivizzano Municipality coat of arms

The Caves of Equi Terme (Fivizzano, MS) are a public complex in the Municipality of Fivizzano. Over the years the Administration has made several investments to enhance the structures, with the musealization of the paleontological site of Tecchia and the Archaeological Museum, which can now be visited. The activities on offer have also increased with adventure activities, such as the acrobatic deep cave tour ‘caving-adventure’, and the rock-climbing wall face. The offering of outdoor activities has also been integrated with the acquisition of a fleet of E-bikes for pedal-assisted riding. Today the complex is called the Geo-Archeo-Adventure Park of the Equi Caves, offering in the same complex activities of discovery, education, adventure and outdoor tours.

Apuane park

The Visitor Center, the ApuanGeoLab Museum of Earth Sciences, the Lapidarium Apuanum and the Kids Adventure Park for children are also available in an integrated way. These structures have been established in the Equi village and the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps.


The integrated management of the services of the entire complex is guaranteed by AlterEco, a community cooperative of Equi Terme, which has in recent years enhanced its offerings with its own investments, such as the 200 mt. Zipline above a torrent, the Digital Museum of Local Culture, the ‘Village and Park of the Caves Free WiFi’ area and the Community Guest House with offers of connection and Co-working, at the village society centre.

lunigiana travel

AlterEco has also since 2021 created Lunigiana Travel, an online Community Tour Operator/Travel Agent, to market the experiences of sustainable and responsible tourism for Equi Terme and Lunigiana.


The Cooperative is a structure partnered with Legambiente [Italian Environmentalist Association], on whose behalf it offers didactic and environmental education, camps and summer centres for children, as well as educational projects.



It is also a member and headquarters for the Province of Massa Carrara AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism) and founder of the ‘Future Villages’ Network of Tuscan businesses of Community Cooperatives.