Guided tour in the caves and free tour of the Prehistoric Tecchia and the Archaeological Museum

Fascinating guided tour of the karstic cave on a tourist route that will allow you to discover the evolution of a karstic cave that forms over millions of years by the action of water that, by penetrating the fractures in the limestone, forming wells, tunnels, underground lakes and salt of great interest and splendour, adorned with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, drapery flowstones and any form of natural concretion.

Access mode: Reservations recommended

Tour mode: Guided tour

When: During opening hours



Outside opening hours:

• Must be booked at least 24 hours in advance
• Cost for groups of 2 to 8 people in total €80.00, groups > 8 people €10.00 per person


Reservation recommended


    per person

  • REDUCED (6-10 YRS)

    per person

  • REDUCED (4-5 YRS)

    per person


Note: Includes an unaccompained ‘Bear‘ and ‘Owl’ tours


 • Temperature inside the cave: 10-13°C (jacket or sweatshirt recommended)

• The cave tour is not physically demanding, but access is permitted only to children and persons over the age of 4, and in any case to people who are able to: walk on their own, do not have heart problems, do not fatigue when walking, do not have crutches/wheelchairs (you are not permitted to hold children in your arms, in strollers, in a backpack or in a baby carrier/wrap).

• Visitors are required to report any physical problems, health problems, claustrophobia, etc. the organization is not responsible for any accidents due to incompetence or problems not reported in advance at the ticket office). 

• The ticket is non-refundable once you have started your tour.

• The routes are accessible to all but can be uneven and are therefore similar to mountain trails

• Closed shoes with good rubber soles should be worn. No heels or wedges.

• For safety reasons or reasons of force majeure, AlterEco reserves the right to discontinue the service, even without prior notice.