Zipline descent over the karstic torrent, with an excursion on an equipped trail.

Experience the thrill of a 200-meter zipline flight as you hover 20 meters above the Fagli torrent and its ‘moulin potholes’. The excursion to get to the start of the zipline is on an equipped stretch of trail and shall include an instructional briefing.

Access mode: Reservations recommended

Tour mode: Guided activity

When: During opening hours




Outside opening hours:

• Must be booked at least 24 hours in advance

• Cost for groups of 2 to 8 people in total €80.00, groups > 8 people €8.00 per person

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    per person


Note: The cost of the ticket includes the use of facilities, the rental of PPE (personal protective equipment) provided by operators, the teaching of progression and safety techniques, the verification of the degree of learning (instructional briefing) and the supervision and intervention by trainers/first responders, in case of need


Access to the Eagle tour, several meters above the ground, is an activity that involves complying with a number of rules and recommendations.

• Access to the acrobatic trail Eagle shall be granted only to those who:
•Are in good psycho-physical shape, do not have heart problems or other diseases that may limit their abilities, have not taken any behaviour-altering substances (alcohol, drugs, medicines). In addition, pregnant women are strictly prohibited from entering this tour.
• Do not suffer from vertigo
• Are wearing suitable clothing, especially good rubber soles or hiking shoes, and have their hair tied up. Skirts or shorts or tops that are too short will not be allowed.
• Have signed by full acceptance the informed consent form, either on their own and/or as chaperones of minors.
• Children/teenagers under 18 years of age MUST BE under the supervision of an adult AT ALL TIMES.
• Schools and organized groups carry out the activity under the responsibility of their accompanying persons
• Instructors/first responders reserve the right to have tests repeated if not carried out correctly and to exclude persons deemed unsuitable for the activity
• Instructors/first responders reserve the right to remove from the tour those who, due to their behaviour, may endanger their own or others’ safety.
• The Eagle activity can be practiced even with uncertain weather. In the event of a storm or strong wind, the practice may be temporarily suspended and then resumed when it is safe to do so. Should rain or wind cause the tour to be closed and the activity to stop, a free ticket will be given to be used another time after booking.
• The organization accepts no responsibility for any accidents caused by incompetence or by physical and health problems that are not reported.
• For safety reasons or reasons of force majeure, AlterEco reserves the right to discontinue its service, even without prior notice.